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4 Interesting Activities You can Indulge In While Spending Time with Seniors

Aside from reading and walking, there are several fun activities you can consider while planning quality time with an elderly member of the family.

Are you willing to meet your grandparents this weekend but don’t have any particular plans in mind?

There’s nothing more relaxing and peaceful in this world than spending quality time with elders. But does it always go just as you picture in your mind?

As elderly members of the family, our seniors bestow their affection on us. No matter how hard we try, there’s no way we can ever give back the love we have been receiving from them all our lives. However, the intergenerational gap brings in a few complexities due to which seniors find it hard to connect with the younger generation.

The gap brought between you and your seniors should not come in the way of enjoying a great time with your loved ones and creating memories you can cherish. Your weekend visit to your grandparents doesn’t have to be just talking and a quiet dinner.

There are many fascinating activities that you can enjoy with your seniors while trying to strengthen your emotional bonding with them. Let’s catch the drift of some effective yet basic activities, you can consider:

1. Reading their Favorite Books

Good literature has no geological boundaries or age limits. If you like to read, you can share this love with your elders. That old stack of books in the study of their house will come to an efficient use when you visit them the next time. 

Here’s how you can make this reading session fun for seniors. You can either choose any book from their existing collection or go to the library and pick a perfect book from your favourite author. This time, you read it to them!

It is one of the most productive and healthy activities for anyone spending time with the elderly. Aside from a cognitive boost, it allows them to relax their mind and experience a night of improved sleep. An encouraged habit of reading can also open the path for socializing with other readers of the same age group.

2. Exploring Indoor Hobbies

Older adults people believe that we are slaves to our electronic devices which is true to an extent. But our previous generations were indeed more in touch with their hobbies and interests.

Guess what? You can plan your upcoming weekend with your grandparents by learning a few things from them. Basic hobbies like baking and knitting can be far more fascinating when your elders also find them equally enticing. 

However, that is something you will enjoy more with your grandmother. On the flip side, your grandfather would want to suggest something else such as playing softball, a card game, or any engaging indoor game. Gardening is something that all of the family can bond over. 

Apart from all these games and hobbies, you can also encourage your elders to explore a new interest they haven’t had time to take part in. The same can also be achieved if you hire in-home help for seniors .

3. Binge-Watching Movies

A strong will to open up and keep space for new ideas is the beauty of Intergenerational relationships. That’s what you should be leveraging on your forthcoming visit to a senior member of your family. 

You can consider planning a movie day or a TV show evening with them to discover the kind of entertainment your elders find interesting. It doesn’t have to be an 8-hour streak of binge-watching. You can pick the shows and movies of their time to dive into the good old times of the golden age of entertainment.

There are shows like Golden Girls and I Love Lucy that intrigue viewers of every age group. If you want, you can also consider asking them about their preferred genres and pick something from them. There are tons of options with top-notch content that both you and your seniors would find compelling. 

If you have a more proactive approach in mind, you can discover a documentary on the subjects of your grandparents’ interests.

4. Indulgence in Charity

Taking your grandparents to the movies or a popular shopping mall has become mainstream now. No matter how fun the movie is or how much you spend on the shopping, they will be totally worn out after 3-4 hours. Besides, it wouldn’t be such a special thing to do if there is a special occasion.

To embark on a day of cherishing memories, you can bring seniors to a soup kitchen or a place where they get to participate in charity work. Older adults are often excited to be a part of charitable activities and do something for the community. With a loved one by their side, they can experience the joy of giving while feeling proud at the same time.

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