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Caregiver Vs Companion : The Differences Explained

Once you learn the basic difference between caregiving and companionship services, you will easily find the right private home care for seniors in your family.

It’s a random day at work. 

Sara is happy that she’ll be free from her tasks by 5 PM and leave for home to spend time with her mother.

While dinner plans, a good movie, and evening plans run through her mind, she sees a mail with ‘Need Urgently’ on her computer screen. 

But, guess what? She’s not bummed out!

Her plan may have disappeared into the thin air but she knows that her mother is in the company of a reliable person.

That’s how things get simpler when you hire the right professional for home care services in Toronto. Life is not quite smooth sailing for those who have seniors to take care of. But in-home care assistance makes all the difference in the world.

You must know that senior care is comprehensive. Every person has varying choices and interests. Besides, not every senior needs the supervision of a certified and professional nurse. Sometimes, a comforting companionship and a little help with nominal chores during the day suffice.

There is a significant difference between daily care and proper assistance in senior care. A caregiver is needed when your elders are unable to function without someone else’s help. On the contrary, companionship comes in handy when seniors feel lonely and seek someone to talk to.

You must understand the requirements of your seniors to make an effective decision at the time of hiring someone. In this post, we will explore the cross-section view of home care services based on caregiving and companionship.

Caregiving Vs Companionship – A Magnified Overview of Services

What Does A Caregiver Do?

A caregiver usually holds professional training and a license. They are either registered nurses (RNs) or Licenced vocational nurses (LVNs). Some of these professionals choose to work outside a medical facility and provide home care services for seniors. You can expect the following assistance from caregivers:

  • Personal care and hygiene of seniors. It can also include toilet routines.
  • Consistent supervision throughout the day with a little assistance while seniors try to walk.
  • From medication to snack preparation and a close watch on every meal during the day taken care of by caregivers.
  • Apart from basic healthcare, professional caregivers stay in touch with doctors and physicians for any required medical consultation.

What Does A Companion Do?

Loneliness becomes an inevitable phase as we age through life. It’s impossible to not get this feeling after the age of 60, especially in the absence of a life partner. Children and grandkids may not always be available to talk during the daytime. In this dreadful scene, the concept of private home care for seniors comes out as a huge help. Here’s what people can expect from a companion:

  • Companions fill the void that only a family member with a real interest can fulfill. In general, companions take part in all those activities that engage the mind of seniors. It may cover playing cards, reading a book, or playing a board game.
  • Running errands or accompanying the seniors throughout that errand is another major advantage of hiring in-home companionship. 
  • They can take elders out to eat at their favourite spot and offer driving assistance as needed.
  • Taking care of pets and managing some small chores of the house become parts of the daily duties that a companion takes on with utmost dedication.

Simply put, companionship doesn’t necessarily need a certification or training to instill the change we all seek in our elders’ lifestyles. While caregiving denotes fairly intensive care and medical assistance, companionship can be explained as a reliable connection built on personal levels. 

Caregiving Vs Companionship – Which Service Should You Hire?

Now that you know the basic difference between these two prominent types of in-home elderly care services, you will pick the right service for your family members. Companionship services are suitable for elders if they are dealing with loneliness & need social support. On the flip side, caregiving is the primary requirement if seniors in your family have trouble with mobility and daily physical activities.

At MF Homecare, you can get in touch with both caregivers and companions. According to their availability schedule, you can hire them on an hourly basis.

How is MF Homecare Redefining Senior Care with Virtue of Distinction?

What seems like a service in the eyes of others is exceptional support for those who have to leave their parents or grandparents alone every day while heading for work. In addition, there are people out there with a tremendous sense of humanity and personal interest in spending time with elders. We are not just another home care agency in Toronto. MF Homecare is a far more progressive platform that intends to bring caregivers and families of seniors to one place through a platform where people can easily find trustworthy companions. Millions of people like Sara can benefit from hiring in-home personal care assistants. Moreover, people looking for a part-time job or interested in charity can also become a part of our platform.

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