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MF Homecare provides a comprehensive platform for in-home caregiving, companionship, and other services. Our goal is to assist you in making informed decisions about the daily care of your loved ones, ensuring that they receive the highest quality of care, and you get the peace of mind you deserve.

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Quality Caregiving Services That
Cater To The Needs Of Your Family

PSW Care

Professional caregivers with significant experience in homecare and PSW work will look after your elders, offering a whole suite of services, not limited to meal prep, medication administration, grooming and mental health care.

Companion Care

Companions form a second tier of service where there is a stronger focus on providing emotional support and enhancing the mental well-being of patients, while providing many of the services PSWs offer.

Hospice Care

Those battling a terminal illness shouldn’t have to leave the place they call home. With MF Homecare you can access in-home hospice care through our vast network of PSWs.

Respite Care

Our platform provides the solution to the need for respite, whether it is to take a vacation, manage a busy schedule, or simply take a well-deserved break. Review ratings & reviews and book a caregiver on-demand. Rest easy knowing that your loved one is in caring and capable hands.

Rehabilitation Care

Has someone from your family been through a surgery, illness or injury that requires care and supervision? Our one-stop platform can help you find caregivers that cater to your specific needs.

Memory Care

Patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other types of cognitive impairments often need round-the-clock specialized care to ensure their personal safety, especially in your absence.

Emotional Care

By offering companionship, empathy, and encouragement, our caregivers help their clients maintain emotional well-being and promote mental health. They work closely with healthcare providers and family members to ensure comprehensive mental health support.

Round-the-Clock Care

In situations where you require full-time assistance for your elderly loved ones, MF Homecare is dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive service that caters to their every need around the clock.

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Benefits of Hiring Caregivers
& Companions

Quality of Life

Caregivers improve the quality of life for their clients by providing personalized care, assisting with daily activities, and promoting socialization and emotional well-being. All within the comfort of their own home.

Peace of Mind

It can be hard to detach yourself from loved ones in need of support. Our customizable home care services allow you to provide exactly what your loved ones need, giving you the peace of mind you are after.

Professional Care

Professionalism is at the core of our caregiving services. Our caregivers are carefully screened and selected based on their expertise and experience. They are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide the highest level of care.

Social Exposure

A caregiver can help facilitate communication with your loved ones through many mediums, including phone calls, video calls and social media. Additionally, they can help encourage them to join clubs, attend community events and more.

How to Hire Caregivers & Companions
Near You with MF Homecare?

Browse Caregivers In Your Area

Browse all Caregivers & Companions in your area. Only the candidates that fit your tailored needs and are available at the requested times will show up in your options. An ideal matching service on-demand and at your fingertips!

Jane Doe


26 Reviews


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Joyce Handel


33 Reviews


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Frederick Gray


17 Reviews


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Gladys Mathews


29 Reviews


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Why Trust MF
Homecare for Caregiving Services in Your Area?

Customized Senior Care

Whether you are looking for an expert in-home PSW or a Companion for emotional support, MF Homecare allows you to browse top rated professionals based on your specific preferences. Our vetted caregiving professionals ensure that your seniors can receive customized care that caters to their health conditions.

On-Demand Flexibility

If you’re in a pinch, MF Homecare has you covered! You can browse professionals and book an ideal candidate to show up at your door within 90 minutes. We also offer on-demand care 24/7, should you need someone for extended hours or overnight care. It of course goes without saying that you can schedule appointments in advance.

Browse Reviews & Ratings

At MF Homecare we believe in transparency and accountability. On our platform, in addition to reviewing caregivers’ uploaded certifications, you will be able to see their reviews and ratings. This helps you make informed decisions and ensures the right connections for your loved ones, giving you the peace of mind they are being looked after with a standard of care that exceeds your expectations.

Direct Communication

With MF Homecare, you can directly contact Caregivers and Companions to discuss the details and nuances of your caregiving needs. Whether it's delivering special instructions or just checking in on how your loved one is doing - you will be able to directly message them through your MF Homecare app or the website.

Budgeted In-Home Care

On our platform, you have the ability to hire experienced caregivers and companions at a price that fits your budget - they quote their price on their profile. Additionally, you will not have to pay any fees associated with traditional agencies, lowering your overall cost by approximately 30%.

App-Based Tracking

The MF Homecare mobile app allows you to track your loved ones location and progress throughout the day. Caregivers will update the app throughout their session with important information, not limited to medicine administration, feeding, activities and sleep.

Why Choose MF Homecare?

Selecting MF Homecare means opting for a homecare platform that stands for quality and trust. We embody the essence of senior in-home care, merging professional expertise with the heartfelt compassion that your loved ones deserve. Our homecare assistance is crafted to not only meet the physical needs of seniors but to also foster emotional well-being and social interaction.

Whether you require comprehensive in-home health care or targeted in-home care services, MF Homecare is here to deliver. We ensure that each client's unique needs are met with the utmost attention to detail, from daily routines to more intricate care regimens. 

FAQs for Clients

To hire suitable Caregivers or Companions for seniors, you need to download the app and sign up as a client. You can then set the preferences for your specific needs and browse the profiles of various Caregivers & Companions that meet your requirements. You will have access to ratings, reviews, and any certifications they uploaded to their profile. You can also navigate to our website and sign in to your account

From certified PSWs to caring Companions, you can pick from a wide range of professionals based on the condition and need of your elders. There are a range of services offered by each caregiver – you can customize the services you require and only those caregivers will show up in your app as potential candidates, which you can book at your convenience.

After setting up an account, you will be able to browse ideal caregivers in your area. Their profiles will provide the certifications they have acquired. Additionally, prior to completing the setup of their profiles, caregivers undergo a vetting process and background check.

The ability to see User Ratings & Reviews is one of the many features that separate us from traditional agencies where you are generally hiring caregivers in the dark, putting all your trust in the agency.

At MF Homecare, we prioritize the confidentiality and privacy of our clients and take every measure to protect their sensitive information. We limit access to client information to only those employees who need to know it to perform their job duties. We use passwords, encryption, and other security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Yes, you can hire caregiving and companionship professionals for overnight hours. Our platform allows you to search for caregivers in your area based on their availability. You can easily look for professionals who are available at your preferred hour and connect with them to book an appointment.

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