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Keep Seniors Physically Active with these 5 Gentle Exercises

There are several light exercises other than a brisk walk that can regulate the flow of blood in the body, balance the metabolism in seniors and keep them fit.

It’s a regular morning in the park!

Children are all lined up around the swing waiting for their turn with parents watching over them. 

Young boys and girls are running on the track with wireless headphones set above their headbands.

However, all the benches in the park can be seen with seniors sitting on them taking a break from their walk. 

Well, that’s how a typical scenario appears in a garden where people of different age groups are doing various activities that suit their biological capabilities. The human body changes drastically after the age of 50. Its emphasis can be seen on routine activities.

Even doctors recommend that people after this age avoid running, weight lifting, or any other work that strains muscles. Although, exercise is a vital part of life because it is the only feasible way to achieve a healthy metabolic rate and control blood sugar. 

With some apparent challenges of aging, working out becomes complicated for seniors. It doesn’t mean that elders should lead an idol lifestyle. There are still many exercises that can help seniors stay active and fit, irrespective of their age. A private caregiver for elderly citizens can take care of seniors while they engage in daily activities.

Before we commence the countdown of the best exercises for seniors, let’s understand the significance of the workout for aging elders:

Why Do Elders Need to Consider Mild Workouts?

Believe it or not, exercise is just as important for elders as it is for people of younger age groups. Workout contemplates more than fitness. It keeps the body physically active and the mind impeccably aware of the surroundings! The following benefits of exercise for seniors prove why you should encourage your elders to exercise:

1. Physical Independence

When elders begin engaging in light exercises, they don’t feel the need to be dependent on others as much. The physical prowess after the workout combines with a remarkable sense of confidence. The zeal that we feel as younger adults influences in the same way to our seniors.

It has been seen in some cases that an active exercise routine in the presence of a caregiver for seniors allows them to partake in activities such as bathing, cooking, and using the restroom without someone else’s help.

2. Strength Against Diseases

As discussed earlier, the workout may be different for various age groups, but it has the same impact on the human body. Even the mind achieves intuitiveness from the energy and release of endorphins led by a few light exercises. This effect also promotes a good sleeping routine.

In addition, seniors also gain impeccable strength against some common diseases with the help of a healthy workout regime. Diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart issues may be an inevitable part of aging, but the impact of these diseases reduces to a greater degree with the right set of physical activities.

3. Brain Function & Mood

Those who exercise every day are found to be happier and more attentive. The same fact applies to our elders with an unhindered habit of regular exercise. We all know that our body and mind are linked together. What happens to the body will affect the brain, and what happens to our mind will reflect on our physical health.

Working out on a regular basis under the supervision of an expert can help elders to combat many adversities of aging and prevent the severity of Alzheimer’s disease and similar health problems.

Best Exercises for Seniors to Stay Fit

1. Evening Walk

A walk in the evening is more soothing to the eyes and the body than it seems. But the walk doesn’t have to be only in a park. You can take a quick stroll in a nearby shopping mall or visit the nearest grocery store or a friend’s house to complete 15-20 minutes of walking 3 times a week.

2. Yoga

Yoga, as we know, is the safest and finest form of physical activity for any age group. It is particularly beneficial for older adults as it promotes physical and mental healing while strengthening the body.

3. Stretching 

Stretching is just as pivotal as a normal walk when it comes to obtaining an active and fuss-free exercise routine. Aside from relaxing the muscles, light stretching every once in a while allows better blood flow in the body.

4. Resistance Training (At-Home)

Physicians suggest that seniors should indulge in resistance training for 10-15 minutes for 3-4 days a week to sustain the strength in the body. With the assistance of a trained caregiver, at-home resistance training can be considered for seniors who need to stay active.

5. Team Sports

Do you know what’s more productive and advantageous than the weekly game of Bingo with your friends? Other team sports such as softball or yard work with family members!

Reimagining Caregiving & Companionship with MF Homecare

We all want our elders to see just as happy and healthy as they kept us throughout the best years of their lives. Even when we are not around them for the majority of the day, there should be someone reliable enough to play your part. At MF Homecare, we believe that true companionship is all it takes to encourage our elders toward a positive and more influential take on life. Whether you are looking for private nursing care or want to hire a company for daily support, our unified platform lets you find the right people hassle-free.

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